Board directors are crucial to the growth of your business. They can give feedback, provide support or make decisions that affect the direction of your business. It’s therefore important to have effective board meetings. How do you achieve it?

Start with the Most Important Items

The meeting of your board should be focused on the way to implement your company’s strategy. This is the perfect time to set out specific KPI goals, which can be measured and tracked. Examples include net promoter scores, sales and region. This will help ensure that your board is on the same page as the rest of the company and can collaborate to achieve the same goals.

Don’t Get Lost

Sidetracked by new topics of discussion at the board meeting, board members can easily forget the most important agenda items. The chair should instead begin the meeting by providing a summary of the most important information that will be sought during the meeting. This includes reiterating key points from the prior meeting call as well as the board package.

If a topic is brought up that’s not a priority, you can move it to the next item on the agenda or make it a priority to discuss it during a break. This will avoid the subject being brushed aside and gives the impression that the board is open to new ideas.

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