However, there are many key distinctions between these two freelancer marketplaces that may make a crucial difference when you’re trying to choose which one is right for you. A hybrid that combines the best aspects of Toptal and Upwork – the certainty of Toptal and the flexibility of Upwork. Thus making it the best alternative to Upwork and Toptal if you plan to hire freelancers. The idea behind the name change is to emphasize that Upwork serves both clients and freelancers equally, which they hope will help them grow their market share. Taso du Val and Breanden Beneschott founded Toptal in 2010 and it has quickly gained in popularity. It is not (and doesn’t claim to be) an oasis of generalists, but instead, it is a place for matching clients with high-caliber freelancers, who are selected by Toptal’s curation system.

Moreover, both Upwork and Fiverr also award “Top Rated” badges to freelancers whose work standards continue to be up to the mark, which can help you with the screening. For applying as a freelancer in Toptal, the applicant must go through a screening test. This screening process is specifically designed to evaluate the levels of professionalism Cyber Security Specialist Job Description and Salary and expertise of an applicant. The strict evaluation of freelancers makes them stand out in the market, providing top-notch talent in the industry. Upwork is a freelance job board that connects freelancers with clients. It’s great for finding opportunities in almost any niche, and it’s especially good for entry-level freelancers.

How to Hire the Best Freelance CakePHP Developer

As evident from the working framework of Toptal and Upwork, you can say that both platforms have their merits and shortcomings. But then again, some clients find it to be the better way as they are in full control. In a Toptal vs Upwork review done solely on the basis of the business model, Toptal might take the win because of how Upwork works. However, the platform itself doesn’t offer much help in this step. Upwork does not offer extensive vetting assistance, except for verifying the seller’s identity. If they fail to meet your standards, only then you can submit a complaint.

  • After carefully assessing the leading platforms, Uvik stands out as a reliable choice for outsourcing development services.
  • Unfortunately, on Upwork, you will need to vet all candidates yourself, may end up hiring a bad apple, and do not have a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Freelancer is available on every device and operating system except Linux and offers their platforms in English, German, Spanish, Turkish, and many more.
  • As a result, it may not be a cost-effective option for smaller businesses with tight budgets.
  • As our lives become increasingly digitalized, developers, DevOps, and software experts are in high demand.
  • You can then collaborate with your freelancer and pay them to your satisfaction when the project is completed.
  • We will walk you through the discovery phase, build the best design to boost user experience, accompany you during the development cycle and provide QA.

Their website boasts that they have the “top 3%” of developer talent. Toptal connects users with specialists in various fields, from engineers to project managers, and works with them to find the best fit. Fiverr is a website that allows you to hire freelancers for a wide range of services. You can work with them on things like graphic design, writing, translation, music, and other creative work. Or your business or enterprise need a few extra hands on a project? Read this review to find the best talent or clients.

Upwork: Pros & Cons

While Upwork on the frontend is more cost-effective, it can get expensive from a management perspective. Both Toptal and UpStack respectively take a lot of the legwork and guesswork out of the freelance hiring process. And this actually ends up saving a lot of time and money in the long run. They have a 3% service fee, as opposed to Toptal and UpStack which make their money on hourly margins. Their freelancers are typically cheaper by the hour than other sites as well.

toptal vs upwork

While Fiverr only allows project-based pricing, Upwork allows fixed-price as well as hourly rates. Anyone can sign up for an account on Upwork and submit proposals. Upwork clients can search and find freelancers who match their job requirements. Upwork takes a 20% commission from the total project cost, which is deducted from the freelancer’s payout. Freelancers or contract developers are people who work remotely. They work on their equipment (computer and phone), and possess experience in the skills you are looking for.

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